HolaClient Installation & Setup Guide

Thank you for using HolaClient, It means a lot!

  • Version: 1.5
  • Author: CR072
  • Created: 24 April, 2023
  • Updated: 05 May, 2023
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If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this docs, Please feel free to contact us via Discord.

Installation using Pterodactyl panel

Follow the steps below to setup HolaCliet on your panel:

  1. Download the holaclient-egg-pterodactyl.json egg from our github page and install it in your Pterodactyl panel.
  2. Create a server with the egg and wait the server to finish the installation.
  3. After the server installation goto to the files section and unzip the version you want to use.
  4. You are good to go after setting-up settings.json.

Installation using a VPS

Follow the steps below to setup HolaClient on your VPS:

  1. Run these below codes to fetch HolaClient from github into your VPS.
      • mkdir /var/www/holaclient
      • cd /var/www/holaclient
      • wget https://github.com/CR072/HolaClient/releases/download/v1.3/HolaClient.v1.3.zip
      • apt install unzip && unzip HolaClient.v1.3.zip
      • npm install pm2 -g
      • pm2 start index.js --name "holaclient"
  2. To view logs, run pm2 logs holaclient
  3. Make sure your dashboard is running in the background with the help of pm2
  4. You can check if HolaClient is running in background with pm2 list
  5. Once you confirmed that HolaClient is running in background, you can create a startup script by running:
      • pm2 startup
      • pm2 save
  6. To stop a currently running HolaClient instance, use pm2 stop holaclient

Upgrade using a Pterodactyl panel

Follow the steps below to upgrade HolaCliet on your panel:

  1. Download the version you want to use from our github page.
  2. Download database.sqlite and settings.json from your server.
  3. Delete all file in that server and upload the version and remove settings.json from the server.
  4. Now upload your settings.json and database.sqlite file into the server. You are good to go now!
  5. If you face any problems try deleting the server and creating another server with the same port and upload the dashboard and database.sqlite make sure to setup settings carefully because the settings would differ in newer versions.

Upgrade using a VPS

Follow the steps below to setup HolaClient on your VPS:

  1. Run below code to change your directory.
      • cd /var/www/holaclient
  2. Now Download the database.sqlite and settings.json file and run these:
      • rm -r /var/www/holaclient/
      • mkdir /var/www/holaclient && cd /var/www/holaclient/
      • wget https://github.com/CR072/HolaClient/releases/download/v1.3/HolaClient.v1.3.zip
      • apt install unzip && unzip HolaClient.v1.3.zip
  3. Now upload your database.sqlite file into /var/www/holaclient/ directory
  4. Now setup settigns.json file according to your use.
  5. You may also download settings.json before deleting the files and upload them now.

Settings configuration

Naming & Appearance

            "version": "1.3", //do not change this
            "name": "Hola Client", //change this to your host name
            "logo": "https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1074689223250153513/hsw.png", //your host's logo
            "rotatelogo": true, //whether to rotate logo or not, set to fale if you dont want your logo to rotate
            "rotatespeed": "6s", //rotate speed in s, ms, m, h, d.
            "background": "https://img.freepik.com/image.png", //background image
            "defaulttheme": "default", //set it to your theme name
            "discord": "https://discord.gg/Dms5dsmVAs", //your discord invite


            "website": {
              "port": 2000, //website port, change this to your server's port if you're running it on panel
              "secret": "SUPER SECRET (jk)", //enter any random string
              "website_link_enabled": true, //whether to enable website link display in sidebar
              "website_link": "https://web.holasmp.cf/" //your website link


            "pterodactyl": {
              "domain": "https://panel.havoc-cloud.xyz", //your panel adress
              "key": "ptla_PZSDmvwBqg5TPuGrMChavy9SBF0wSvgP9ryEh2l7yEm" //your panel API key


            "linkvertise": {
              "enabled": true, //whether to enable linkvertise earning
              "userid": "641981", //your linkvertise userID get it from https://publisher.linkvertise.com/
              "coins": 5 //how much coins should a user be given after a successful linkvertise link.


            "storelimits": {
              "ram": "10240", //what is the maximum amount ram a user can store?
              "disk": "20480", //what is the maximum amount disk a user can store?
              "cpu": "800", //what is the maximum amount cpu a user can store?
              "servers": "10", //what is the maximum amount slots a user can store?
              "backups": "10", //what is the maximum amount backups a user can store?
              "databases": "10" //what is the maximum amount databases a user can store?


        "billing": {
          "enabled": true, //whether to enable billing
          "razorpay_id": "100000000000000", //your razorpay id
          "razorpay_secret": "100000", //your razorpay secret
          "stripe_key": "" //your stripe key


        "api": {
          "client": {
            "api": {
              "enabled": true, //whether to enable Dashboard API, often used in Discord bots
              "code": "fejgvjvcjaxyv" //your API code, use any random string you want here.
            "gifts": {
              "enabled": true //whether to enable gifts
            "j4r": {
              "enabled": true, //whether to enable j4r earning
              "ads": [
                  "name": "Holasmp", //j4r server name
                  "invite": "https://discord.gg/Dms5dsmVAs", //j4r invite link
                  "id": "977112336873697310", //j4r server ID
                  "coins": 500 //how much coins should a user get after joining a j4r server?

Force Join

        "bot": {
          "token": "Discord Bot Token", //your bot token
          "joinguild": {
            "enabled": false, //whether to make users join a discord server without their permission.
            "guildid": [
              "Discord_Server_ID" //which servers should the users join using the bot, Enter the ID.

User Access

            "allow": {
              "newusers": true, //Set it to false if you don't want anyone to signup on this Dashboard
              "regen": true, //Set it to true if you want to allow users to regenerate their password
              "overresourcessuspend": false, //whether to suspend servers with over resources than the user has?
              "server": {
                "create": true, //Allow users to create servers?
                "modify": true, //Allow users to modify their own servers?
                "delete": true //Allow users to delete their own servers?


            "oauth2": {
              "id": "1097227777515728897", //Discord Oauth2 Client ID
              "secret": "Gu6QYhW1Pmef-u4aQXp20zi7G2E3Q0cM", //Discord Oauth2 Client Secret
              "link": "http://localhost:2000", //Discord Oauth2 Dashboard Link
              "callbackpath": "/callback", //Do not change this
              "prompt": true, //Do not change this
              "ip": {
                "trust x-forwarded-for": false, //Whether to block unknown IP(s)?
                "block": [], //IP(s) to block from using your dashboard
                "duplicate check": false //whether to check duplicate IP(s)?
            "google": {
              "enabled": false, //Whether to enable Google Oauth2?
              "clientid": "", //Google Oauth2 Client ID, get it from https://console.cloud.google.com/
              "clientsecret": "", //Google Oauth2 Client Secret.
              "link": "https://client.example.com" //Google Oauth2 Dashboard link      


            "packages": {
              "default": "default", //default package name
              "list": {
                "default": { //package's name
                  "ram": 3072, //default package's ram amount
                  "disk": 10240, //default package's disk amount
                  "cpu": 90, //default package's cpu amount
                  "servers": 1 //default package's slots amount
              "rolePackages": {
                "roleServer": "1038719273658499072", //from which server to apply role packages, Enter Server ID
                "roles": {
                  "1039889695653502986": "VIP" //Role ID and the package to given to the role user.


          "locations": {
            "1": { //Location ID, make sure to match it with the locations ID in your Pterodactyl panel or the server creation wont work.
              "name": "Location 1", //Location Name
              "banner": "https://flagsapi.com/IN/flat/48.png", //Location country flag, remove IN and use your country flag such as DE for Germany.
              "package": null //Name of package to be given to user when they create server in this location.


          "eggs": {
            "paper": { //Egg Name
               "display": "MC | Paper/Spigot", //Egg Display name
               "minimum": {
                 "ram": 1024, //Minimum resources to create server with this egg.
                 "disk": 512,
                 "cpu": 50
               "maximum": { //Maximum resources a user can allocate to server with this egg.
                 "ram": null,
                 "disk": null,
                 "cpu": null
               "info": {
                 "egg": 1, //Egg ID, make sure to match it with your Pterodactyl panel Egg ID
                 "docker_image": "ghcr.io/pterodactyl/yolks:java_17",
                 "startup": "java -Xms128M -Xmx{{SERVER_MEMORY}}M -Dterminal.jline=false -Dterminal.ansi=true -jar {{SERVER_JARFILE}}",
                 "environment": {
                   "SERVER_JARFILE": "server.jar", //Server jar file, can be anything but .jar at last
                   "BUILD_NUMBER": "latest" //leave it at latest
                 "feature_limits": { //Set a maximum limit for database and backups to the server with this egg
                   "databases": null,
                   "backups": null


          "coins": {
            "enabled": true, //Should the coins be enabled? The store wont work if its not enabled.
            "store": {
              "enabled": true, //Should the store be enabled?
              "ram": {
                "cost": 100, //Cost of ram
                "per": 1024 //per 1024mb
              "disk": {
                "cost": 50,
                "per": 1024
              "cpu": {
                "cost": 100,
                "per": 10
              "servers": {
                "cost": 1,
                "per": 1
              "backups": {
                "cost": 1,
                "per": 1
              "databases": {
                "cost": 1,
                "per": 1


              "arcio": { 
                "enabled": true, //Whether to enable Arc
                "widgetid": "none", //Put in your Widget ID
                "afk page": {
                  "enabled": false, //Whether to enable Afk page
                  "path": "afk", //not meant to be changed
                  "every": 60, //every seconds
                  "coins": 1 //you should get 1 coin.


          "whitelist": { 
            "status": false, //Whether to enable whitelist
            "users": [
              "Discord User ID" //Enter the users's Discord ID to whitelist them.


          "renewals": {
            "status": true, //Whether to enable server renewal
            "cost": 0, //how much should be charged for a renewal
            "delay": 14 //How much days the user should renew his server?


          "logging": {
            "status": false, //whether to enable logging activities to a discord webhook.
            "webhook": "Webhook URL", //webhook url
            "actions": {
              "user": { //Whether to log user activities to discord webhook
                "signup": true,
                "create server": true,
                "gifted coins": true,
                "modify server": true,
                "buy servers": true,
                "buy ram": true,
                "buy cpu": true,
                "buy disk": true
              "admin": { //Whether to log admin activities to discord webhook
                "set coins": true,
                "add coins": true,
                "set resources": true,
                "set plan": true,
                "create coupon": true,
                "revoke coupon": true,
                "remove account": true,
                "view ip": true

Anti VPN

          "antivpn": {
            "status": false, //Whether to enable anti VPN feature, you must enter an key to make it work.
            "APIKey": "Proxycheck APIKey", //Get a key from https://proxycheck.io/ and fill this with a key.
            "whitelistedIPs": ["IP address"] //Enter the IP(s) to be restriected from being blocked.


Frequently asked questions about HolaClient.

Yes, you can install and run HolaClient on almost every platforms that support nodejs. Check our Installation Guide at start if this docs.
Yes, There will be active development upon HolaClient and in future I might expand it to next level. Be tuned and support us, I need support.
No, There will be no dataloss if you upgrade it carefully, follow our docs on how to upgrade your Dashboard safely. Taking a backup of database and settings will be better.
First of all thanks for trying to join our team, DM CR072#0446 for more current information about this.
Yes, You may. HolaClient is made for freemium, premium etc hosts. We will be glad if you mention your host in HolaClient's Discord server. It can be promoted and we will also know how many hosts use our Dashboard.
Yes, You are allowed to modify HolaClient only for making a theme. You should not remove HolaClient's credits and hyperlink from the footer. Feel free to move credits to a new location(must be in position where we can easily spot it) if you're using/creating a theme. We might File a DMCA takedown against your host if used in public. So better not remove our credits to use it in public.


See what's new added, changed, fixed, improved or updated in the latest versions.

For Future Updates Follow Us @GitHub | @Discord

Version 1.3 (23 April, 2023)

  • Added Added Meta Tags
  • Added Added more features to Admin area
  • Added Added a few Easter Eggs
  • Fixed Fixed Major bugs and backdoors
  • Fixed Fixed Store and added a more clean look to it
  • Fixed Fixed Admin Package Error
  • Fixed Fixed Major bugs and backdoors
  • Removed Removed AFK page

Version 1.2 (19 April, 2023)

  • Added Added a new more clean UI
  • Added Added Preloaded Textures
  • FixedFixed Minor Bugs

Version 1.1 (16 April, 2023)

  • Added Added Google Oauth2
  • Fixed Admin Coins page
  • Fixed Gift Page
  • Updated Added Custom ADS
  • Updated Optimized Navbar for mobiles

Version 1.0 (29 March, 2023)

Initial Release